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ECOFIS FINANCE is a society that offers you accounting, accounting expertise and consulting service in the accounting financial department. Our organization is a member of the Romanian Chartered Accountants and Certified Bookkeepers Association.

Our service is mainly focused on the small and medium-sized enterprises.

We aim at providing quality professional service.

Our clients represent important organizations in the following departments:
- commerce
- performing services
- public food
- furniture manufacturing

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Thank you for logging on to our page. For any suggestions, questions or comments, please contact us at office@ecofis-finance.ro or ecofisfin@yahoo.com.

Head Office: 21th Lt. Av. Gheorghe Negel St., Bucharest 6, Romania
Phone: +40-021.410.03.06 ◊ Fax: +40-021.410.03.06 / +40-031.816.28.22
E-mail: office@ecofis-finance.roecofisfin@yahoo.com